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The district provides opportunities for selected students to participate in one of our six summer programs designated to meet particular identified needs.  These programs include:

  • CAPPS (Coordinated Arts Program for Primary Students) welcomes identified incoming kindergarteners to a program designed to develop social readiness and enhance academic skills. For more information on CAPPS, click here.
  • The Literacy Support Program for Primary Grade Students targets incoming first, second and third graders and provides instruction through the district's balanced literacy model with reading, writing and word study skills integrated into each student session. Click here for more information. A Math Support Program is also offered to students at these grade levels.
  • A Summer Learning Academy is offered to recommended students entering grades 4-8.  The program provides small group tutoring sessions in the area of literacy and/or math.
  • Metamorphosis is a middle school program for selected incoming sixth and seventh graders that focuses on developing communication skills, improving peer relationships and interactions, and developing a positive self-image. For more information, click here.
  • The ESY (extended school year) program is for identified students in preschool through eighth-grade as part of their individualized education plans.
  • A Tier III Enrichment Extensions Camp is also offered over the summer, which brings together identified gifted and talented students from across the district for various course offerings centered around 21st century life and career concepts. Click here for more information.
For questions regarding summer programming options, please contact your child's school counselor or Danielle T. Magulick, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Questions about ESY should be directed to your child's Case Manager. 

Summer Literacy & Math Project

All ETSD students were asked to participate in a district-wide summer literacy and math project to not only practice reading and math skills, but more importantly encourage lifelong readers and mathematicians. 

A highlight of the literacy project continues to be modeled off of the One School, One Book national campaign, which includes a shared reading experience for all. In ETSD, the initiative began with the summer One District, One Theme announcement of Cooperation is Key, where students were asked to connect one of their summer reads to the 2023-2024 theme of cooperation. A cooperation title was also selected for each elementary grade and written into the September protocol in shared reading to start the school year. Students will read in class their designated cooperation book and the theme of cooperation will be explicitly taught, along with other connections to building a community of readers and celebrating the work completed over the summer months. Students are challenged to then think about how cooperation can be carried forward throughout the school year. The following questions are posed and set the stage for a positive classroom climate from the very first day of school. 

  • What does cooperation look like in our classroom? ...In our school? ...In our community?
  • How will you show cooperation?  Why is it important to work together with others?
  • How does being cooperative connect to kindness?

Students also completed other authentic literacy and math tasks such as writing letters to authors, sharing books on Padlet, creating fraction problems, making videos, and more. This past summer’s math focus was on fractions. Over 1,000 students posted over the summer months. Great job!

Schools/classrooms are encouraged to integrate the theme of Cooperation is Key throughout the school year. While the initial theme discussion in the protocols focuses on the theme of cooperation, students are also introduced to the other social and emotional competencies in September that make up the district’s CARES program, which is part of the Responsive Classroom approach. 

In addition, each elementary school held one to three summer literacy events. The library-media centers were utilized and each event facilitated by one or more staff members. All sessions reinforced the goal of promoting summer reading, while celebrating choice and building school community. These were great opportunities for students to visit the library media center, see some of our staff, return and check out books, interact with district therapy dogs, and much more.
 Click here to go to our Summer Literacy and Math Project page.

Rice School Students, Parents, and StaffRice Students, Parents, and Staff at Summer 2023 Literacy EventStudents Spending Time with Therapy DogJaggard Teacher Reading to StudentsStudents Working Together on a Back-to-School PosterETSD Students Working on Summer ProjectsETSD Students Working with Teacher
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